Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Peace through developing hope and service in the Lord's vineyard

We had a great week and almost hit all of our weekly goals! It's always so fascinating to reflect on the last week in preparation for the new week as we set goals. It's so fun to remember the miracles that we were able to experience and learn from.

We had an interesting week with finding new investigators. Our two new investigators are both incredibly eager to learn! One is Anita, a Jehovah's Witness whose curious about what actually happens after we die. The other is Terie, he's studied many religions, and his father was a priest. I do think my meeting them is a blessing in disguise to help me be more motivated to study from the Bible in more depth, especially the Old Testament. Just comes to really prove that this life is about learning ALL truth in REAL depth.

We are continuing to try the potentials we found during Easter, but they've all been busy. On the plus side though every time we go see them, they're also happy to see us and keep telling us to try them again soon. One of them he even talked about us with his family at dinner and they're all cool with him meeting with us! THAT'S A FIRST FOR ME! Usually once the family knows, they're forbid their kids/spouses from talking to us again. I'm so grateful the Lord has been blessing us with incredible potentials!

An update with our investigators, our last lesson with Jonny was reading 3 Nephi 11 with him. It was a simple but great experience to be able to feel the Spirit as we read. We are actually meeting him today before he leaves on a trip to the States (if any of you are in Illinois, you may run into him!) and we're planning on going over Joseph Smith's story with him...
Omar has come to church the past three sundays now! He likes how he feels when he comes. We just have to take it slower because of his atheist/muslim background. We are also meeting with him later today and we're planning on reading together in the Book of Mormon. Tune in next week to find out what happened!

Because this is the first week of the transfer, I spent much of my studies setting goals for myself. I began with doing the Attribute Activity in chapter 6 of PMG to help me identify the attribute I wanted to focus on. As I went through the questions and reviewed my results, I was able to see how much growth I had done thanks to the help of my Savior and see a glimpse of who I could become. For this transfer, I have decided to really focus on Hope. I love how PMG describes it as "an abiding trust that the Lord will fulfill His promises to you... It is believing and expecting that
something will occur." I've always thought of hope as wishing for something when in reality it is trust manifested through actions because you EXPECT things to happen. I hope through this next transfer I will develop that expectation to be able to perform the labors Heavenly Father needs me to do here in Trondheim. 

To close, I would like to share D&C 59:23-4 "But learn that he who doeth the works of righteousness shall receive his reward, even peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come. I, the Lord, have spoken it, and the Spirit beareth record." 
We develop that hope of expectation through learning and applying. As we continue developing that specific hope, we really do obtain that peace we all strive to have for the future. I know that peace is real and available to all because our Savior Jesus Christ paved the way for us. I know this because the Spirit has testified that to me.

Thank you all for being your fantastic selves and I hope you all have a wonderful week :)

Take care,
Søster Buhler

Not that many pictures for this week
1- I helped a YW (Alysha) with her RUSS lab coat. I drew a minion from Despicable Me
2 - Alysha and me painting
3 - The finished product!

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