Monday, May 12, 2014

Let the good times roll

Hello everyone!! 

How was everyone's Mother's Day? It was pretty swell for me and I'm so glad I got to talk with my family. Even while a giant pond is placed right between where my family and I are, we are still able to talk. Technology man, it blows my mind. 

Anyhoo, this past week has been great. Really, the last few weeks have been great and I am so thankful for them.

With our investigators they are doing pretty well. Omar is simply awesome. He told me yesterday after church was over how much he loves how every time he comes to church, he feels like he's with family. As of now, he's just having a difficult time recognizing answers from the Holy Ghost. Our last lesson with him we went over how the Holy Ghost speaks to us through our feelings and thoughts to confirm truths to us. We asked him to pay attention to how he specifically feels when we reads and prays until the next time we meet so we'll see how it goes!

Another cool experience is with a newer investigator named Susann. We met her entire family on Sunday and her husband Paul actually joined us for our lesson! THAT WAS HUGE!! As we taught the restoration to her, Susann was like, "That makes sense. I've always wondered why we wouldn't have a prophet today to help us with today's problems." Seriously, each time we meet with Susann, I become even more thankful that they are people out in Norway that want to learn about the gospel!

Each of our investigators are all doing so good in their different ways, it's just the best! With our potentials, even though we haven't been able to meet with them, they keep telling us to come back and are still open to learn about the church!

We had zone leader training this week and it was an answer to my prayers. At times I can be harsh to myself because I am not perfect, but the Lord has helped me to open my eyes and see that 1) I am improving and 2) I do contribute to the work here in Norway.

In studies this week, I've been reflecting over patriarchal blessings. I remember the youth Mormon message by Boyd K. Packer (Enemy Territory) and how Elder Packer shared how his patriarchal blessing helped him. Just knowing how personal they are really testifies to me how perfectly Heavenly Father knows and loves each one of us. 

Thank you all for being so awesome and blessing my life with your personal incredible-ness. Keep on smiling and loving every moment!

Søster Buhler

So a quick explanation for the pictures - Bror Arne Dahlø took us to visit several places and then we ate lunch/dinner at his cabin! Best P-Day in Trondheim ever!!

1 - Ruins of a bridge the first Mormon in Norway built!
2- So we were in Hell today...
3 - Cave carvings!

1 - Bror Arne Dahlø, our awesome P-Day tour guide!
2-  Me chilling by Hell St.... Yup
3 - The view from Bror Dahlø's cabin. No big.

1 - An old fortress castle!
2 - Me chilling in a cannon place!
3 - Exit from a dungeon

Me in the castle fort courtyard :)

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