Monday, March 2, 2015

....... Yup

Hei Folkens!!

Well it was a solid week of getting more white-washing and training business taken care of. I feel bad that I really don't have much to say for the week... Just that this week I have been able to learn, or re-learn I should say, about faith, trust, and pixie dust. What? I was going through my old study journals when I came across my very first study notes from when I first got to Norway. 

Faith is the having that determination that you will go and do something. Trust is relying on the Lord that He will keep His part of the promise as we show our faith through actions. Finally, pixie dust is the gift of the Holy Ghost. When you think about how incredible it is we are blessed with this gift as members, it truly is something magical. Heavenly Father knew that faith and trust alone would not be enough. We needed help. That is the magic of the gift of the Holy Ghost. With that, it gives us that last boost of strength to step out into the unknown. I once heard a quote that went along the lines of, when you step out into darkness, there are two options of what could happen: 1) You step onto solid ground or 2) You will learn to fly.

We will always have Heavenly Father's help available to us. We will also continue to either grow or weaken in our faith in trust everyday. It never stays at the same level so we are blessed with opportunities every day to continue growing in our faith and trust to enable us to use our "pixie dust" more.

Love you all and I hope each of you have a magical week :)

Take care,
Søster Buhler

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