Monday, March 16, 2015

Fremad, alltid Fremad.

Hei alle sammen!

Another solid week in the beautiful city of Bergen. It was actually sunny for almost en enitre week straight! SAYETH WHAT?? Don't get me wrong, I love me some good ol' refreshing rain. Occasionally though it's nice to get some sunshine :)

We got to visit with some awesome members who have been on the less active side for awhile. NOt gonna lie, it's kind of painful to remember that I don't have much time with these incredible people, but then I remember how much can happen in day so I keep on enjoying and treasuring these newly found friendships.

One exciting note is that we got a baptismal date with this man named Emmanuel! He's a student from Congo studying business. Man, he is seriously one cool guy who has the strongest desire to follow God. During our first visit, he kept talking about how important it is to be baptized by one holding authority. Golden? I think so. He picked his date for June 6th due to his work schedule being unpredictable right now. Once it settles down though, he wants to move it up. Cool beans.

A random tender mercy: yesterday after church, SIster Johannessen (another missionary here) and I had to grab some things from a classroom and we ran into SIster Leuchner. SHe had invited the other sisters to dinner after church and when she found out that my companion and I had not been invited to eat dinner after church, she was like, "What? Nope not allowed. You two are coming over as well." We had an incredibly wonderful time with the Leuchner family and it was fun getting in touch with my German roots (BTW the Leuchners are from East Germany) and attempt to speak what little German I remember from high school days :)

Spiritual Thought:
In my studies, I've been reading about Alma and his missionary work. He's always been one of my favourite Book of Mormon heroes. Today I read his conversion story and it never fails to get me right at the heart. Something I never caught before was after Alma receives the overwhelming joy of being forgiven and turning himself to Christ, it mentions that he received strength in his body again to stand back up. When we sincerely open and turn ourselves to Christ, His atonement enables us to do all. I've read and heard this many times but it really is true. Praises unto the Lord, we are never alone. The Savior always helps us back up over and over again. He's cheering us on. What joy it is that He truly is our Savior. Because of Him, we can keep going on.

Have a super duper week and remember who you are! Love each and every one of you :)

Take care,
Søster Buhler

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