Monday, July 7, 2014

Line Upon Line

You know, as I went through this week I was like, "Man this was a super chill week" but now as I'm sitting here REALLY reflecting about it, there have been some incredible things that happened.

On Tuesday we met with Johanna, our less active we work with in this cool little bakery. We had to run some errands to prepare for a fourth of July activity (more on this later, don't worry I won't leave you hanging), and we got on this one bus. Sister Burns sits down and says hi to the man next to her. The next thing I heard was the man saying, "I think we need to meet and talk about God. Could we meet on Thursday?" 
And this is how we met Ali, one of the most prepared people I have ever met. He is from Iran and has lived in Norway for about four years now. His wife and two sons are still in Iran and he's working on moving them to Norway. He's English is a bit rusty because he hasn't used it for over 20 years but man, you can see how much the Spirit works through Him. He's so faithful! 

Wednesday we met with Johnny and he's progressing little by little. It was really cool when we all found out that Sister Jørgensen (the member who came with us on the teach) was a member of Johnny's church so they had some bonding time over that. The more members Johnny meets, the more he is opening up. It's pretty cool to see.
We also said good bye to Hunk, our Chinese investigator. We had a dinner and discussion activity at the church and had a great turn out! We made a little card for Hunk and said a final prayer together. He kept telling us thank you for everything and the nice memories. Such a sweet man!

Now here's the bit that REALLY reflects why I've chosen "line upon line" as this week's title:
So Friday, we finish studies and we both get the idea that we need to check Sister Burns into the city. We go out the door and Johanna calls asking if we can meet. We went.
On the way there, we saw the elders' investigator on the bus and got to chat with him and see what's been up with him.
After Johanna, we go to the office to check Sister Burns into the city and we met another investigator of the elders and her friend. We all go to the bus stop together and chat away as we wait for the bus. We end up getting the friend's number!
On the bus back home, I talk with this one lady. I find out through our conversation that she the former investigator that we tried to look for last week! I got her new number just in time before we had to get on the bus!

And then we had our 4th of July party! SO MANY PEOPLE CAME AND IT WAS AWESOME! We had some sloppy joes among other yummy foods and afterwards I got to teach people some line dancing. Who would have thought I would need my dancing skills on the mission?? :)

My quick little thought about the week: I've begun reading in Joshua and the Lord tells him multiple times, "be strong and of a good courage." I can imagine that Joshua was worried about being as powerful as Moses and worried about people's expectations. But the Lord is letting him know, "Moses was Moses, and you are you. I had Moses' back and I got yours. Just do your best, and I will take care of the rest." The same goes for us - We are all unique with a unique calling while we are on earth. Just rely on the Lord and He will never let you down.

Love you all and I hope you keep on rocking it this week!

Take care,
Søster Buhler

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