Monday, July 28, 2014

First Week in Nordstrand!

Hey People!!

It's been..... Well, I can't quite describe how it's been so I'll just go through with what happened throughout the week and hopefully by the end I will have a better idea of what to say:

My last two days in Trondheim were INTENSE. We got a baptismal date with Sharifi and Hem!!! Seriously, boldest moments of my life. Sister Burns and I definitely left our area stronger than when we found it and I am stoked to hear about their baptisms in August!

On Wednesday, I got on the train to head back to the East. It was the exact same train ride I took to get up to Trondheim, just in reverse (of course). When we cut through the Romerike area, I was like, "Holy cow, I contacted on those streets - Hey! I bonked on those houses!" and so forth. It was kind of fun to go through memory lane and see everything in summer time inside of winter time.

As I got off the train, guess who the first person was that greeted me? Nope, that my new companion, but Elder Edwards my MTC brother. Turns out we are in the same district! How fun is that! As we were all walking to get to the institute center, Elder Clarke (he was in Trondheim with me as my zone leader and we both moved to Oslo together) and I were like "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." 
When we got to the center, I saw all the missionaries that are going home! I got to see Sister Knapp (I knew her at BYU!!), Sister Burns again, and all my buddies so that was fun!

So this is the dealio with my new area Nordstrand - We actually live in the other sister's area, we contact in Oslo, and we bonk in our ACTUAL area. We do lots of traveling throughout the day which is really cool to meet people on public transport! 

Also - Sister Olsen and I are like two peas in a pod! It's only been like what, 5 days? And it already feels like we have been best companions since the pre-existence. It's the best! The ward here is pretty great. I've seen some people that moved from the Romerike ward and it was cool to catch up with them. They're some people that I've hit it off with so I'm already super stoked to work with the Oslo ward :)

So we have this super awesome investigator named Jordan. He's a scientist from Africa whose lived in Norway for about 6 years. We taught him about God's plan and the reviewed the restoration with him and he's so spiritually receptive. He's always like, "Everything you guys teach just makes logical sense." He's really intrigued to find out if the Book of Mormon is true and he's committed to be baptized when he gets his answer! 

We found a new investigator named Gabriel from Romania. We saw him smoking by a cemetery and the next thing we know, we're teaching him the restoration! He's really interested in hearing about living prophets and we'll be meeting up with him again tomorrow!

So I guess overall I am feeling really pumped to be back in the east. It feels like I'm getting a second chance from when I served in Romerike and the Lord's getting ready to show me that I am more capable than I realized.

My spiritual thought is brought to you by President Uchtdorf's "The Reflection in the Water." Here's the video link:

Just remember when those around you are telling you that you are not good enough, that YOU (yes YOU) are a child with an eternal potential. You're here on earth to grow into the best version of yourself. It'll take time and effort, but it will happen as you remember to reply upon our Savior Jesus Christ and the power of His Atonement. 

I hope you each have a fantastic week!

Søster Buhler

And here's my new address!

Breiens Vei 1H
1165 Oslo

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