Monday, June 30, 2014

Guess whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??

Hei Folkens!!

This week I hit my halfway mark. SAYETH WHAT?? Yup, I will have been out for 9 months. Crazy how fast the time flies!

So some updates for the week:
-Hunk will not be getting baptized this Thursday. He will be baptized in September. Explanation: He sent us a text saying he wasn't sure about being baptized but he was still willing to meet up to talk about it. He explained that his wife was worried that he would be breaking the law in China by joining the church and just didn't want him to get in trouble. We were able to explain it all and he still very much wants to be baptized but he first wants to go to China to explain to his wife face to face. He also told us that he will be back in Norway for another business trip in September and that he would want to be baptized then. So now, we're helping him to get all the information he needs before he leaves this Saturday. He truly does love the gospel and I'm so honored to have been apart of his learning process.
-We found a family! They are the Subbas from Nepal. Shanti and Hem are still learning Norwegian but they are incredibly quick. Hem and the kids even came to church!! Shanti couldn't due to work, but she will come next week. A FAMILY!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (In case you couldn't tell, I'm stoked about this).
-Johnny actually came to church too! Holy cow, I was praying so much that he would recognize the Spirit during the meetings. When the sacrament meeting was over, he turned around and I saw this huge smile on his face. I asked how he liked it and he said after a little pause, "It was very nice. I'm glad I could come." I also had my first conversation with Johnny. Seriously, I have no idea why it took so long for me to open my mouth but now I have and I'm loving that I can talk with people!
-Found a new investigator named Josë. He is 35, from El Salvador, has lived in Norway for 4 years, and works in a elementary school. We met him on the street Thursday and we had our first teach with him yesterday. As we taught him the restoration, I could see the spirit working through him. He actually did the spirit squirm! I'm also grateful for how natural it was to talk with Josë and ah, I'm just exploding with Christlike love!

To close, I would like to share a quote from President Eyring's talk "The Priesthood Man" from this last conference. He said, 
"Each of you will be a model of a [disciple of Christ] whether you want to be or not. You became a lighted candle when you accepted the [gospel]. The Lord put you on the candlestick to light the way for everyone who surrounds you... You can be a great model, an average one, or a bad model. You may think it doesn’t matter to you, but it does to the Lord."

I substituted the word priesthood to help liken it to myself. When I read this talk, Heavenly Father reminded me of how much we truly have no idea who is watching us. When we're on the street, knocking on doors, in the store, just going about our day, everyone and anyone is seeing what we do. They watch us because of the bright light of Christ within us. We are walking products of what happens when one beckons to the Savior's call to come unto Him. This was a simple but powerful reminder of how powerful we are as simply being a member of Christ's restored church.

Whoa, that was longer than I had intended. But I hope you still liked the thought!

Thank you everyone for helping me become the person I am today. You all are incredible and I'm blessed to have many wonderful people in my life.

Have a super duper week!

Søster Buhler

PS: So my district has dubbed Sister Burns and I "The BB Gun" combo so I decided to draw a little something. Hope you like it :)

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