Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The time has come!

I'm currently amazed by two things: 1) It's already October and 2) today is my report day. Whoa.

Also GENERAL CONFERENCE is this weekend. You all should listen to it, it truly is wonderful. You can watch it on tv, online at, listen to it on the radio, you've got options so take advantage of them :)

I really have been on an excited high since I got on the plane yesterday. So excited I had to take melatonin to help me go to sleep last night. Thank you inventor of melatonin, you rock.

As my last day in the outside world before I go into the MTC, I get to hang out with my old roomies before they drop me off. I'm so joyful to have been able to see their beautiful faces again!

After today I will become limited to updating once a week but I shall do my best to actually update once a week for you fantastic people.

Have a wonderful day!

Here was a view from the plane. I thought it was pretty so I took a picture. Sunsets are amazing.

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