Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hallo Folk!

Greetings from the Missionary Training Center (MTC)! How has everybody been? Did you all watch conference this past weekend? It was absolutely wonderful, I loved it so much. If you haven't watched it, you really should. It will change your life in one way or another.

Where to begin? Guess I'll start with my first day here. I was dropped off my old roomies at BYU (go cougs!), dropped my luggage off at my dorm, picked up my books, and was sent to a computer lab to do this welcome orientation. Afterwards I went into my new classroom with my teacher speaking Norwegian to us. Peculiar thing, I was not freaking out that he was just speaking Norwegian to us. Guess I have a Japanese classes to thank you that. Plus our teacher is so animated and plays charades with us so it makes it fun to learn!

We were off to dinner and I saw five people that I knew as soon as I entered in the cafeteria. So awesome!

After dinner, all the new missionaries wend to a teaching experience where we taught three investigators. Yeah, they really do have you going right off the bat. Intense. But it was a big eye opener to just everything the MTC and the mission are about for me. When we sang "We Are As The Army of Helaman" the original line in the chorus is "And we will be the Lord's missionaries" but was changed to "And we ARE NOW the Lord's missionaries" Singing that line made everything official for me. Since then, I have been feeling wonderful.

Our schedule for last week was pretty fun. We worked out in the morning, we're the last group to eat meals so the cafeteria is pretty empty by the time we get there, we're teaching an investigator named Annette. and we've had workshops and of course, General Conference. I met my zone and branch (same thing pretty much). Really, we are all so different from one another but somehow we all just click. It's so amusingly amazing!

The Norwegian is coming along. Slowly but surely. I can give the first lesson briefly, bear my testimony, and pray. My companions think it's crazy how many languages I've learned and keep telling people, "Yeah, Norwegian is her twelfth language." It's not FYI. It's my seventh technically. Yeah.

As mentioned earlier, my companions and I have been teaching an investigator names Annette. She grew up atheist but recently discovered Christ and wants to become a better person. The fist time we saw her, we gave her a brief explanation about how the Book of Mormon helps us come closer to Christ which she really liked. She asked about who Joesph Smith was and we told her that we would answer her question next time.

The second time we saw her, we talked about Christ's Ministry, The Great Apostasy, and mainly the First Vision for the restoration. It was a bit more crazy this time because we tried asking Annette more questions and allowing her to talk more when we still don't completely understand Norwegian. She asked how do we know that Joesph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I started to say that I prayed then suddenly, WHAM. The spirit hit me so strongly. I told her I prayed and the Holy Ghost came into my heart and confirmed it. It was powerfully simple.

Well that's all for now. Till next time and remember:

Life is good when you let Christ in.

Soster Buhler
                                             Companions and Norway flag!!!
 Me with my missionary tag!!! It's Official!!!
Soster Robbins, Soster Campbell, and I
 Me, Soster Henderson, Soster Frampton (our trainer), Soster Campbell, and Soster Robbins
 Charise (Sister Jensen) and I
 Studying... with a photo bomb :P
 Eldste Reber, Soster Frampton, and Aldeste Bodine (going to Sweden)
 Studying oh so hard..... Yeah
They stole my camera... That's our district leader and his companion.

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