Monday, October 13, 2014

I love the little things


We were blessed with another solid week. We had something huge almost everyday this week which made it a bit more special. It is super weird to think that Sister Chapman will be going home this week but I am grateful for the time that I have had to serve together with her. She's helped me learn a lot about the possibilty of miracles and she has helped to prep me for my training days that are soon to begin. Fun stuff! Well, here are the highlights of the week:

-Twinkle and her daughter Nina
-Zone Leader Training
-Train the trainer meeting
-Day Trip: Drammen!

On Monday night, since we have been out of contact with Twinkle for a bit we decided to try stopping by. Luckily she was home and invited us in! She's been preparing to go on a trip with her great aunt that they've been wanting to do for years and she finally got the plane ticket. While she's been busying with that, she feels like lots of things are working against her and her family. We ended up sharing the story about Alma and his people when they were in bondage and how the Lord didn't take away their burdens, but He blessed them with strength to bear them. We had a wonderful discussion about how the hard things in life are really what shape us. After we taught Twinkle, she asked us if we could talk with her daughter Nina. We were surprised but of course said we'd love to. Twinkle wants to help Nina to develop faith in God. While we chatted with Nina, she talked about how she does believe there is a higher power but she doesn't know exactly if it's God. We talked about how God is our Heavenly Father and like any relationship, in order to get to know someone you have to talk with them. It was really cool to see how things were clicking in her head and she commited to read Alma 32 and to try praying! Way cool experience!

With Elisabeth... WE FINALLY GOT CONTACT WITH HER!! The hospital got medicine for her and she's feeling so much better now. She wasn't able to come to church due to work, but we will be meeting with her this week and she is still eager to work towards her baptismal date!

We had Zone Leader Training about being powerful teachers. Elder Bednar is the mission's personal favorite so we watched lots of videos of Elder Bednar talking about how we can be teachers that help students to be agents. It was a strong focus of chapter 10 in Preach My Gospel about Teaching Skills which is always nice to get a refresh. Seriously, no matter how many times I read from PMG, I find something new and just when I thought I loved it - I learn to love it more. 

I had a meeting with the other trainers to help prepare for the next chapter of our mission lives. President Evans opened the floor by asking what helped us most when we were being trained and then we discussed about what we hope to accomplish as trainers. It was really cool to see Sister Robbins, one of my MTC companions there at the meeting. We've made it this far and now, a year later, we'll be training! 

Sister Chapman got permission from president to visit one of her converts in Drammen and we went on a road trip to Drammen with the sister training leaders! It ended up being.... a bit crazy. Sister Chapman left with one of the Drammen sisters to go meet with Debby (the convert) while I was with Sister Aasen one of the sister training leaders and the other sisters took the car to drive the sisters to their appointment. Sister Aasen and I.... were kind of stranded at the train station so we made some calls to investigators and members to get the week set up. When the other sisters came, we learned that Debby had not shown up to the appointment. We later went and saw other members that Sister Chapman loves, but she was still heartbroken about Debby... But people are people and sometimes they decide to do things that don't make sense. Does it hurt? Oh yes. But it's moments like this where I am eternally grateful for the Savior and His Atonement. He has felt all the hurt we feel and conquered it. Because He did that, we'll be able to heal from and conquer all the pains of this life as well.

Running out of time, but I hope we all will remember to keep our heads up. Really, when you take a step back and look at life, you'll realize that the Lord has been helping you in your life more often than you realize. 

Have a super duper fantastic week!

Take care,
Sister Buhler

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