Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference. Need I say more?

Hi folks!

Welcome to the month of October! Fall continues to grace us with beautiful colors, the weather's been cooling down, and yes even some good pumpkin spice is beginning to fill the air (at least whenever the senior couple is baking at the institute center). Also, just to mix things up a bit - as you read this email, imagine that batman is reading it to you. Why? Well at the moment I sound like batman... With the lovely transition to fall we sometimes get sick and well... I got sick. But hey, Batman is cool so that just adds a special element of cool to this update. Anyhoo, here's the highlights from last week:

-A prompting that was followed
-Pillows have great calming effects
-Straight up form a movie
-Members. They're the best
-General Conference

That's right, over a year ago I went into the Missionary Training Center. Seriously, where on earth does the time go by? To celebrate, Sister Chapman and I got a kebab pizza. And it came to pass that it was a rather curious looking pizza, nevertheless, it was delicious and a great way to celebrate the occasion.

So one beautiful morning we had some time and felt the need to bank on some doors. After saying a prayer, I get the idea to try this one neighborhood. It was early in the morning and I was thinking, "Wait, everyone's at work right now, you're wasting your time" but I had got the idea to try this neighborhood and went with it. As we were walking, we pass by the home of on of our investigators who we haven't contact with for months. As we approach his house, we see his kids playing football (aka soccer) and see him getting the post! He actually beamed when he saw us walking towards him, HOW FANTASTIC IS THAT?! He will be gone for the next week in Denmark for vacation but it was so cool that we were able to meet with him. Sure it was a little thing, but it felt super good to know that the Lord trusted me with a prompting and I was blessed to see an immediate result of that.

Pillows. They are not only great for sleeping and getting comfy to watch movies, but they have great therapeutic effects to. After a long frustrating day, sometimes you need to scream. But if you scream, some people might get the wrong impression and think the worst. That's where your handy dandy pillow comes in! Just scream into it and your scream will be muffled. 
Quick explanation for this random bit - we had a rough start to this week and after we had booked our days with appointments, they had all fallen through. By the end of the third day, I was getting frustrated and felt a need to scream. There was a pillow by me and I remembered how in Lilo and Stitch, Lilo and her sister Nani would scream into pillows. I was like, "Does that really help? Well, only way to know is to try." And I did. Sister Chapman walked in and saw me do this. She grabbed another pillow and joined with me. Afterwards, we both felt much better. So yes, pillows. I recommended them.

Movie moment: In the movies about the Prophet Joesph Smith and it shows him and missionaries preaching and people stop to listen. Something similar to this happened while we were at a bus stop. We met with an investigator named Tony and he brought a friend named Nino with him. We found a place to sit down and we began to go through God's plan for us. As we were talking, I noticed people who walked by us were slowing down and, one by one, started walking back to listen to what we were saying. We started with two and ended up teaching five! It was so cool to see that the gospel really does have a familiar ring to them and it does draw people because it is truth.

This week our appointments with members luckily did not fall through. Each was a tender mercy from the Lord to give us that extra energy to keep going forward with the week. The members here just win my heart. They all come from such diverse backgrounds and have been so loving to me. I love them so much and am seriously going to treasure the friendships I have found here. 

Conference. OH MY GOODNESS I LOVED CONFERENCE. I needed it so bad. As this week went by, I could actually feel myself, both body and spirit, aching for conference to come. And the wait was worth it. It went by way to fast but I loved every minute of it. Where on earth do I even begin? Seriously, I loved it all. I loved how the focus (to me) was the basics: remembering what they are and making the decision to do them. As I was listening, I felt this overwhelming gratitude to my family and friends for teaching me how important the basics of reading the scriptures, praying, going to church, going to the temple, and doing family history work really are and being incredible examples of DOING them. Thank you each and every one of you. I was blessed to have the family I have and met the friends I have to help me learn these fundamentals. You all have been my angels and I will forever be grateful to you. 
As the weeks will continue on, I will be continuing to ponder on the messages that I've heard and the impressions that I received. What a blessing to have a living prophet and to have so many general authorities who help guide us as we press forward on our voyage. We may be tossed and turned by the waves of the sea or the white rapids on the river, but the Lord has promised He will help us to stay on. We just have to do our part and listen to the rules He has given us through His servants the prophets. 

I hope you have a wonderful week and got to enjoy the Batman-like email. I'll work on getting back to my normal voice som snart som mulig. But in the meantime, remember you are fantastic and that you make all the difference.

Take care and lots of love,
Søster Buhler

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