Monday, January 6, 2014

2014-New Start


Sorry it's late but I hope the thought still counts. Anyhoo, some great tings ahve happened this week!

New Year's Eve was a blast (literally)!! Søster Johnson and I stayed up playing card games and wanted for the fireworks to go off. You know all the fanyc fireworks they use for firework shows? People can just buy those willy nilly here. So we had some legit fireworks going off EVERYWHERE. It felt like a warzone being in our basement apartment, smoke in the air, explosions, all that fun stuff. It was the best!

New Year's day we got to visit Poala, a less-active we work with. We talked about the blessings of going to Church with her and how going to Chruch would help her son Adrian. Poala complains that Adrian is a huge handful but we just kept on encouraging her. And she came to Church! But I'm getting ahead of myself.

On Friday we had transfers. Elder Nielson has left us and in exchange Elder Årsnes came. He actually grew up in the Romerike ward which is fun. He is also our new district leader which is exciting! It's gonna be a fun transfer.
Also something pretty exciting happened for a very moments. I got a call from President asking about my Japanese. The sister in Bergen had some Japanese investigators and President asked me to help them. When I called Bergen, they explained that their two investigators are going to be moving back to Japan and they wanted to know how strong the church was over there, So it wasn't so much as a language question they have, but that's awesome to know that my Japanese language knowledge could be used here in Norway!

Saturday we had  our ward Juletrefest. It's a Norwegian party where you sing and dance around the Christmas tree. Yes, just like what the whos do in whoville. It was awesome! We also played lots of games and ate Boller (Norwegian bread pastry, THE BEST). Semhar, one of our investigators, was able to come!! She had a great time and some members talked with her throughout the the activity. Excellent!

Sunday lots of fun things happened: As mentioned earlier, Poala came to church! At the beginning of sacrament, Adrian was starting to cry and I prayed  like crazy that Adrian would be good so Poala could have a good experience at church. After that, Adrian stopped crying and was so good for the entire meeting. I helped to keep him entertained so Poala could listen to the members share their testimonies. I was very grateful that Heavenly Father answered my prayer so quickly so Poala could have a good experience at church.
We visited Mary, a member in the ward. She is super sweet and always has fascinating stories about her genealogy and the church. After we shared our message, she gave us belated Christmas presents of Norwegian goods to eat and Nissens (Santa Clauses). We never leave Mary's without her giving us something, she's too good to us.
Also we got to visit Semhar! She wasn't feeling good so she couldn't come to church so we swung by to visit. We visited her before Mary's but Søster Johnson left her nametag at Semhar's. So after we left Mary's we went back to Semhar's and we ended up having dinner together. It was so fun! Oh mah goodness, Semhar is just the greatest and sweetest gal ever!

2014 has been off to a great start and I feel that this year is going to be so wonderful!! I hope you have a fantastic new year and remember to write down your new year resolutions! A goal not written down is just a wish.

Take care,
Søster Buhler

 Our ward members gave us so many presents!

 Our Christmas Tree

 Christmas presents from my family!
We made pancakes! Yum!
 Christmas soda called julebrus!
 My MTC siblings I saw at Mission Conference

 Our P-day hiking adventure! We went to try to find a place called "pile of rocks" we didn't find it... but we still had a great time :) I hope these pictures make up for last week!
 Our Christmas Eve Dinner

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