Monday, December 2, 2013

That moment when...

Lots of fun moments happened throughout this week!

So Tuesday had some cool things happen. Sister Johnson had me choose where to go. With each change of direction, I'd pick a street, and then people would just ignore us. I was feeling a bit dumb. We came to a fork in the road (not literally of course) and I yet again picked a street. Then we met Wanna. She told us she is going through many challenges now. She's lost her job, getting a divorce, and is trying to find a place to live before she's kicked out of her home. We told her we had a message that we had a message about how Christ could help her. She was very interested and wanted to get a Book of Mormon in Thai. We were able to schedule an appointment on Friday with her!

Shortly after we turned the corner, we met a man named Tarric from Turkey. He was very happy that he could speak English with us. He loves God very much and belives He always helps everyone. He had to run to school, but we were able to give him our number and schedule to meet on Sunday!

In the evening we went out bonking for about 2 hours. All the people that answered their door kept saying, "Sorry, now is not a good time." To which we replied, "Is there another day that would be better?" And then they say, "Don't come back" and shut the door. Good stuff man. 

We then came upon our last door. A lady answers and we tell her that we have another testament of Jesus Christ and she invites us in to tell her more. HOLY COW IT WAS AMAZING.

We had a legit lesson, prayers and the whole shabang, with Hanne (that's her name, In case you cannot tell, I'm still super stoked that we found her!). We scheduled a return appointment on friday, had a fun chat while we got bundled up again, and said your farewells.

Wednesday, we went up to Hamar for a district meeting and service day. We helped a less-active named Anne (the kindest and sassiest lady I've ever met) whose from England. We started the process of painting her entry hall and bathroom.

Thursday was homeless day. Don't worry, we didn't get kicked out of our place. We just didn't have the car all day. We took it into the shop and it was in there for longer then we had expected. So instead of going out to visit less-actives, we did some research on public transportation and had weekly planning. When we got the car back, it was a very joyful reunion.

And oh boy Friday. We had many appoitments and they came through for once! First, we went to see Gloria who is an investigator Sister Johnson taught before I came. We had a first lesson with her again since it was awhile since she met with us. It quickly turned into an arguement about prophets and the Book of Mormon. She kept saying that the Bible is the most correct book and that we don't need a prophet. She also kept asking, "How can you believe that he was a prophet?" We told her that we read the Book of Mormon and prayed to God to ask if it was true. We knew it to be true so we have come to know the Joesph Smith was a prophet of God. But she refuses to read the Book of Mormon. After we ended with a pray, she was super friendly with us and we said goodbye.

But don't be sad because our other appointments went spectacular! We met again with Hanne. She's so postive and really wanting to learn! She's the best!! At first, she wasn't open to the idea of a prophet but by the end of the lesson, she was open to the idea and even better, she said she'll pray to know if there is a prophet on the earth today. We won't be able to met until the 20th because it's getting crazy with Christmas coming up, but she's coming to the stake Christmas concert on the 8th!!

We then had a dinner appointment with a member Sister Borge. She's so sweet and has an incredible testimony and conversion story. In a nutshell, when she was little, she remembered that the missionaries bonked on her door but her parents wouldn't let them in. Later on when she was living on her own, the missionaries bonked on her door and her let them in on the condition that they would leave when she said so. But when she heard their message about Christ and the meaning of this life, she felt a hole in her heart starting to be filled. A few months later she was baptized. Later her husband and children were baptized. Her husband died last year, but all her children are all very active in the church. She is an amazing example to her family!

We then went to a try-back we had with a woman named Elli. We had a quick lesson about the Book of Mormon with her, gave her a copy, and because she is traveling for the holidays, we exchanged numbers so we could stay in touch to plan another appointment. She believes in the good in all people and loves service. Also, she now has a grandchild! So cute! Random I know, but hey children are adorable.
We got lost looking for Wanna's house and tried to call her. She forgot it was Friday, and told us to come in the morning.

Saturday we were able to meet with Wanna. She was sick but still wanted us to come in and teach her. She is so eager to learn more about Christ. When we handed the Thai Book of Mormon to her, the biggest smile came over her face. She started reading through and looking at the pictures while asking us questions about Christ. It melted my heart to see her strong desire to know Christ. We taught her how to pray and she prayed with us! At first she was very nervous and asked us to write out the outline for her. She asked if it was OK to pray in Thai and we gave her the OK. I couldn't understand the whole thing, but somehow I was able to understand that she was thankful that we talked with her, thankful for her family, and thankful that she is getting to learn more about God and Christ. It was really cool that I was able to understand that little bit.

Whoa. Well, I hope you all enjoy long letters. Also hope I haven't damaged your vision.

It's officially the beginning of the Christmas season! The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, so you all better enjoy it!

Take care,
Søster Buhler


  1. Love your updates!! That's so exciting about Hanne! There is no greater joy then helping another come to the truth. Keep us posted- and keep up the good work Hana!! Love you!

  2. Whenever people have issues with the prophet Joseph Smith, remind them that he gave his life "for his story." Why would he do that? Also, why is it that even though all three witnesses got mad at Joseph and left the church, they never denied their testimonies, denied he was a prophet nor recanted what they signed at the beginning of the BOM--even David Whitmer on his deathbed. Is it just something to think about.

    Love from your DAD