Monday, November 25, 2013

Daily Thanksgiving

Pretty fun week with lots of good stuff happening!

Last Tuesday was my first legit District meeting which was sweet. My district leader is Eldste Hill and he's pretty great. We talked about the importance of repentance and practiced teaching The Gospel of Christ with an emphasis on repentance which was really good. My companion, Søster Johnson, had me talk about repentance which was a bit intimidating for me to give the emphasized part of the lesson but it went better than I expected. I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful trainer and companion who helps me to expand my comfort zone with the language little by litte. Like it says in Alma 37:6 "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."
We had a dinner appoinment with the Elders at the Biskop's hus Tuesday night. It was really wonderful to get to know the Biskop better, He truly is a fantastic person with a steadfast testimony in this gospel. I'm stoked to work with him in this marvelous work.
After dinner, we went to an appointment we had with a potential named Cecelie. Unfortunately she was working over time and her kids were home alone. We left our contact card with them and are still praying that she will call us to let us come. If we don't hear from her by tomorrow, we will probably swing by if it feels right.

Wednesday was a hopping around day. We visited a less-active named Melinda and helped clean her house. I found out that she is a gamer and sci-fi fan so I got to be a little geeky with her. Fun stuff. We shared a message with her about the restoration and she shared some of her testimony with us. She has a hard time coming out to church because her wrists have been acting really funky where she cannot grip things for long periods of time and she lives a ways from the church building. We're trying to help find ways to help her come back to church.
After we visited Melinda, we went to vist another less-active, Sister Hansen. She wasn't feeling super good so our visit was short. We shared a quick message of prayer and she looked really glad to hear our message. She was very thoughtful of me and made sure she spoke slow and defined words so I could understand what she was saying. Such a sweet lady!
We then drove to visit a potential named Glory. She was home and explained that she had broken her phone so she wasn't avoiding our calls. We asked when we could visit and she said, just come on over in the afternoon, don't worry about calling. Sweet! So we are going to stop by this week.
We had dinner with the Åsheim family. Fun story: I'm related to them! Through marriage. So Bonnie (Sis. Åsheims)'s brother married my dad's cousin Rosanne. It's a small world afterall!! Anyways, it was a fun dinner getting to know the Åsheims better. They're very big in missioanry work and we talked about different ideas for the work and what they could do to help us. They have some friedns they are working with and we helped give them ideas.
After dinner, we went visiting teaching to see a less-active named Franceska. She's a young, artsy, and super sweet gal! She was very understanding and helped me to feel comfortable even though I had little to no clue of what was being said.
Phew! Busy but an excellent day!

We had some really good contacts the rest of the week. We talked with a man named Alban (he reminded me of Tom Hardy, the actor) about our relationship with God and invited him to pray to God. We talked with a Swedish woman nameed Eba who believes in trying things out for herself and has a scientific way of thinking. At the beginning of our conversation, she didn't believe in God, but by the end she became open to it. Oh yeah! She wouldn't give us her number so we gave her ours.

And one quick story: Sunday we went tracting and we came to this one house. A man answered the door and we introduced ourselves. After saying some of our beliefs, we asked if we could come in briefly to explain more about the Book of Mormon. He let us in. Woo hoo!! But since it was just him, we couldn't be in there for very long. I understood that he and Søster Johnson were talking about the background of what the Book of Mormon is about. It was really cool to observe how at first he sat as far from us as possible and very stiff like but the longer we talked, he sat closer and became more comfortable. He kept picking up the Book of Mormon and looking through it as we talked. We gave him a Book of Mormon, found out his name is Espen, and planned an appointment on December 14th when he gets back from a family vacation in Brazil.
It was my first time that someone let us in to talk with them!! IT WAS AMAZING!!

Hope you all are doing well!!

Take care,
Søster Buhler

Fun in the snow!!!

Bonnie and Tron who took us sightseeing!!!

Inside the church ruins!

Some countryside of Romerike

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  1. Missing your letters, but I am glad you have some family nearby. Tell us more about cousin Roseanne. Where is she living these days? Was that her singing and Uncle Fred's and Aunt Ruby's funerals last year in Utah? How often do you blog? I did not see one for December 9th. Can you invite Amanda Fjell to your Christmas Program? Thanks for all the news, but you can tell we always want to know more. With Love-----your DAD