Friday, November 1, 2013

Dancing in the rain

Hi hi folk! How is everyone doing? I hope all is fantastic!

Last Tuesday I got to sing in the choir while my companions for the devotional. We sang, "Consider The Lilies." BEAUTIFUL song worth looking up on the Youtube if you haven't heard it before. Apparently I was seen on TV... Bleh. The elders from our zone keep teasing us sisters about it and calling us famous people. They make life entertaining for sure.
The speaker was Lynn B. Robbins of the Seventy. It was about mainly finding people and the importance of having faith in Heavenly Father to open your mouth. The right words you need to say will come. Good stuff.

Our lessons with Frederik and Marita have been progressing. All of us have been learning something new with every lesson. Our last lesson with Frederik was pretty rough. When we ask him questions, he always replies, "I don't know" or "maybe" so finally we asked him what he wanted from us. He got defensive and said we were suppose to know because we're the missionaries and went off in an angry rant. It was pretty scary. So we apologized for pushing him too much and started over as best we could. After the lesson, Brother Bartholomew had us read from Preach My Gospel about how investigators don't know what they want. Most of them don't know what they're looking for, until they have found it in the gospel. We learned that we were too focused on connecting with Frederik that we were not teaching him. It was a good eye opener experience.
Our last lesson with Marita was great on the other hand. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and how families can be together forever. She thought it was interesting how in our gospel, there are three degrees of heaven and she liked how the option of heaven was more merciful. We invited her to come to church with us and she said she would! She even said a prayer with us! It's so wonderful to see her progress!

During gym time we usually always play volleyball. It's just super fun getting to play silly. When I rotate to the front, I usually have a taunt dance battle with the person across from me. I do Bollywood dance moves and throw in some Michael Jackson once in awhile. Looks like all that wii dance time is paying off.

Our TRC visit this week was fascinating. The first was a couple from Norway! We taught them about tender mercies. They were an adorable couple that now live in Centerville, UT. The other was bestemor again and she brought a friend. Her name was Nel and she is from Norway. She told us her conversion story which was AWESOME. She was taught by the missionaries for 15 months before she was baptized. She said what finally convinced her was an experience similar to Joseph Smith. No, she didn't have a vision like him. But she felt Him reach out to her to let her know that she should be baptized. And she chose to do so. How awesome is that?!

One last little story before sharing my spiritual note: The week my oregonian accent was made fun of. Utah people don't say their ts so they say "mounian, founain, layon" and so on. Elder Taylor, in my district, is from Orem and he tried to get me to say mountain without the t. It was the hardest thing for me to do. I just saying "mountain" and finally had to pause, think REALLY hard about it, and say "mounain" REALLY slow. So now Elder Taylor taunts me by singing a little song:
"Climbing up the mounain, to look for the founain, fur a drink." Sadly, it's a catchy song.

So the spiritual though I'd like to share is Mathew 6:33. This week has helped me to reconfirm the truth of that scripture. When you put God first in your life and do all you can to please Him, He takes care of you and all your worries. He knows life is challenging and He will help you. You just have to choose to let Him do so. As said in the movie Kung Fu Panda, "Yesterday is history, tomorrow's a mystery, but today is a gift: that is why it is called the present." Live and learn from the past so you can make the most of each day. That way you know whatever the future's mysteries hold, it will be happy ones.

Have a wonderful week!

 The group we met at the temple. Most of them are from Tahiti and they were so fun!
The missionaries from our zone going to Denmark. They leave this monday (11/4) :(
 this is why my blog post is called dancing in the rain. For personal fitness last night we went for a run. In the rain. I couldn't keep up so instead I did dance moves as I went around the MTC. Good stuff.

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