Thursday, December 12, 2013


Hello wonderful people!

This week: much growth, buried alive, and much danger!

This week we've been able to meet with a wonderful young lady named Semhar. We met her while contacting on the street and she lives by the church building. When we first met her last monday, she spilled her soul to us. I couldn't understand everything, but I could understand she's had many hardships with her family and feel how broken she was. We told her about how our message can help her heal from those hardships and help her have some constant she can hold herself to. We gave her a Book of Mormon and briefly explained what it was. We were able to schedule another time with her last week to talk more about the Book of Mormon and asked her to start reading it.

On Tuesday we met this lady named Helga again. The first time we met her she kept telling us there's no living prophet on the earth today. We gave her an Articles of Faith card. When we saw her again, the first thing she said, "I prayed to Jesus and asked Him to meet you again." Of course I thought this was excellent but then she continued, "so I could tell you that God's Kingdom will not be on American soil." Yeah. We kept talking and she really wanted to learn more, but refused to at the same time. She'd ask us a question, we'd start answer, then she'd say no I don't want to know. But she kept asking questions. Who knows, maybe she'll pray again to meet us, but she will first need to find out if she REALLY wants her questions answered.
Also, we met Joe. When we were walking, he came from the opposite direction. We stopped him and Sister Johnson talked with him. He then turns to me and asks in English, "What do you believe?" I didn't know what was already said and had no idea what to say but I opened my mouth. Words came out. After I finished, I had not idea what I said but Joe then asked when we can meet. HOLY GUACAMOLE. It was a great experience for me to confirm that the Holy Ghost does help you know what to say in the every moment you need it.

We met again with Semhar on Thursday and gave her the first lesson. She really liked it. After we closed with a prayer, Semhar gave us cookies that she made for us! So sweet! We had a nice little chat while we ate delicious shortbread cookies.

Friday, we had a cool find happen. While we were out bonking, there was this lady and she tried to trick us by speaking English (psh silly). When she wouldn't listen to us anymore, we asked if she knew anyone who would be interested. She pointed to her neighbor diagonally from her. When we go over there, a man answers the door and when we said where we were from, he invited us inside to his entryhall to talk. He was very curious about the Book of Mormon and was super friendly to talk to. He was very suprised by my and Sister Johnson's Norwegian skills which was a nice little confidence  booster. We had to run to a dinner appointment, but we got an appointment to try this Friday.

Last night we had Jul i Toner. A huge Christmas Concert that the ward puts on every year. Over 500 people came and 200 were nonmembers. Awesome! We got to talk with some folks which was great, but none wanted to pick a time to meet with us. Not so awesome, but we're getting there.

So to explain the Narnia/buried alive bit, it snowed. A LOT. I've slipped a few times on the ice and I would disappear in the snow. Good stuff.

Sorry for the short update and lack of pictures again. I will work on taking more pictures this week for you!!

Take care,
Søster Buhler

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  1. Just curious if you posted this before or after my e-mail. Either way it is nice to know what is going on with you.