Thursday, September 5, 2013

Missionary Moment: First of Many!

On Monday, September 2, I rode the train from Portland, OR to Tri-Cities, WA. When the train arrived in Vancouver, WA a guy came abroad and sat next to me. He introduced himself as Mike and I introduced myself. We ended up chatting the entire time I was on the train (4 hours).

When I told him that I study at Brigham Young Univeristy, he asked if I was Mormon. I replied yes, and was sincerely surprised how happy he was to find that out. I told him the basics of what serving a mission means, the apostasy, a little bit about the restoration, and how the Mormons moved out to Utah. In exchange, he told me stories he had his encounters with Mormons in the marines/army (I can't remember which. My bad).

Not only was that the most fun train ride I've ever had, it was also a humbly experience for me to act as a missionary for Mike. I sadly didn't have a Book of Mormon on me to give him, but I know that I at least helped plant a seed in his heart for future missionaries to find him.

This experience as proved yet again that life really is good when you know that the church is true.

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