Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Many are COLD but few are FROZEN

Hallo Dåkker!!

It's starting to get a bit chilly up in the northwest of Norway but that's all good! Things are starting to pick up in the Ålesund area! And OH MAH GOODNESS now I am coming to understand why this place is called "Miracle Sund!" Here are some updates from the past week!

-The Accordian Guy:Trygve
-Yan:The Awesome Progressor
-A very very VERY belated Companion 411: Sister Heywood!
-Spiritual Thought: Our Heavenly Father

We went through our areabook and found this former investigator named Trygve. We gave him a call and he was so excited we called! We met up with him and oh boy this man LOVES three things a lot: 1) boats, 2) accordians, and 3) talking. He would get sidetracted VERY easily but we were able to help keep the focus and had a great lesson about the restoration! I am very grateful that Heavenly Father is helping me to just dive in with the lessons. Before I would be concerned that the investigators would think we didn't care if we didn't listen to what they were saying but I know that what we share with them is so important for them to know about. That is why I am here! Once the lesson picked up momentum, it was easily for Trygve to focus. Power of the spirit!

Yan is just awesome. Since he works all day on Sundays we decided that we needed to talk about the importance of Church with him so he can work it out to go. Sister Heywood and I were both worried that he would put up a fight with us because it is not cheap living in Norway but we both felt that this was important to address. When we were in the lesson, we told him about church and how it is another important step for him to take to come to learn that what we are teaching him is true. He surprised us by saying, "Well I am actually leaving next week to go home for Christmas but when I get back I will tell my supervisor I can't work on Sundays anymore so I can come to church. Would that be okay?" I almost fell out of my seat. Yan is just so incredibly recpetive to the spirit and he acts on it!! We were able to exchange emails with him and are planning to Skype with him while he's away which will be awesome. My goodness, Yan is just the best!

(All the miracles that shall proceed in the following section all happened in the space of four hours.)
While making lunch on Saturday, I get a text. It's from a girl that Sister Heywood contacted on the bus about three weeks ago and she was like, "Hey! Sorry it's been awhile, things have been crazy busy. But how are you?" and we were like, "WHAAAT?" So we were able to get a potential's number. No biggie.
After lunch, we went to meet up with a potential named Aslami from Afghanistan. Had a POWERFUL restoration lesson with him in the library. He was very the Holy Ghost so strong and just couldn't stop smiling! He's such an adorable old man!
After that we felt we should contact over in a part of town we never went over to before. As we contacted, every person we stopped actually stopper and we had a great conversation with them. We met a tourist from Morocco who gave us his information to pass on to the missioanries there, Erstein who we gave a Mormons Bok to, and lots of others who even though in the end they didn't want to meet up, they told us thank you for what we are doing. One of my personal favorites was this contact named Bjørned. 
When we first stopped Bjørned, he gave off the impression, "Psh, are you guys serious?" But as we continued to talk about who God is and how we can develop faith in Him, Bjørned's countenace totally changed. Insteading of smirking, he grew more intrigued. He really did begin to glow. After a slight pause he asked, "Do you two really go around every day talking to people about that?" We replied yes to which he said, "What you two are doing is wonderful." Not going to lie, that got my teared up a bit.
We then got the impression to try this less active new convert (Øystein) who we haven't heard from for a LONG time. We walked to his apartment, the front door was locked. We tried ringing the doorbell, but no answer. It was weird because I was thinking, "Okay he's not home so we should go," but I felt like we needed to stay right there for a few minutes. After awhile we both felt like we needed to go and when we turned the corner, there was a man walking on the other side of the street. Sister Heywood looked at him and thought she knew him. I looked to see him turn the corner towards Øystein's apartment. I thought, what the heck? And we ran back. Turns out it was Øystein! He has been in a bad depression but when we were talking with him, he was smiling. Like the entire time we were talking. He talked about how things have been turning around for him. Also, since the last time the missionaries met with him (about 2 months ago), he has read the Book of Mormon two and a half times!! SAYETH WHAT? He says he's not quite ready to come to church until he gets cleared with his doctor but he can't wait to come to church again. He's such a sweet sweet person!
As we're walking away, I get a text from this super awesome potential named Arthur. He's been super busy with helping his dad at work that it's been a struggle to meet up with him the last two weeks. He texted me and said that he'd be in the city today if we watned to meet up. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? We of course said yes. Because he didn't have much time, we went to the first place we could find - the bus station. Not going to lie, I was worried it was going to be loud but it ended up being quiet. As we taught Arthur the restoration, he was just soaking it all in. When we commited him to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about Joesph Smith, instead of being a usually "yeah yeah if I get around to it" he looks at the both of us and says, "Yes, I can promise you I will do that." WHOA. 
This all happened two days ago and I still cannot get over it!

And for the introduction for the new ledsager! Sister Heywood!!
Born in Ogden, raised in Morgan, Utah. Comes from a family of eight (Mom, Dad, Kyle(brother, 25), Kayli(sister, 23), her, Heather(sister, 16), Hayden(brother, 13), and Sarah (sister, 9).
She did theater and choir in high school! She was Cinderella in the musical "Cinderella" in her senior year!! (And yes, we break out into song. A lot)
Favorite food: sushi! Favorite color: probably light purple! Favorite Dsiney moive: Classic: Peter Pan and Newer: Princess and the Frog! And........ If she could be any mythical creature, she would be a mermaid :)
We are like two peas in a pod and hit it off right from the beginning. Everyday is quite hilarious!

So to close, I just want to bear my testimony about our Heavenly Father. Even though there are things we can always improve on, He is aware of our efforts. He appreciates our effort we put in to change and become better. Looking back on that incredible miracle day, I still feel like I did not deserve that. But Heavenly Father saw that I was trying to do my best and just sent me many miracles to remind me that I'm doing good. He really does hear our prayers and answers them. He loves us and I am thankful that every day He helps me to understand that a little more.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and week! Remember to keep smiling! It takes more effort to frown so why bother?

Love you all and take care,
Søster Buhler

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