Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Catch Up...In Alesund!!!

Hola Amigos!!

Whoa wrong language.... been listening to "Feliz Navidad" often which sometimes leads me to forget what language I'm suppose to be speaking.... so a redo:

Hei dokke!!

Last week was wonderful because, as you know, it was CHRISTMAS!! Need I say more? So to close.... I am totally kidding. Here are some highlights from last week:

-Met with Sara Z (a less active)
-Had our interviews with President Evans
-Christmas surprise deliverers!
-Christmas celebrations
-And yesterday's Christmas fest

We got miracle contact with Sara who had been away serving in the military and turns out just got back! We didn't have much time so we had a very nice get to know each other chat.

So we did interviews a bit differently this time. Due to it being the holiday season, we were not able to have our interviews in person. We did a techno remix and did it over the phone. It still was a very good interview. Actually uplifting because well it just feels incredible when people point out how much you've grown. 

Since nobody appreciates strangers talking to them on the streets and knocking on their doors, we decided to do investigator tracting - with cookies! We went all over the place delivering cookies to everyone. No really, everyone. We did not want to have any leftovers so when we gave all the investigators some, we gave cookies to people on the street, the bus driver, and gave some to the neighbors on the way home. Their faces were priceless. They did not expect to get free cookies but then they burst into a big smile and said, takk! Pretty great moments.

For Christmas it was a very simple but special day. On Christmas eve, Sister Heywood and I were in our apartment listening/performing to Christmas songs, drawing, catching up with the journal writing, and being our fun yet awkward selves. 
Christmas day we were with our superb member, Ase Marie. We got to watch Frozen in Norwegian!! Oh mah goodness, it's even more hilarious!! And of course the real highlight was skyping with the family!! It simple blows my mind that even though the there's a rather big pond separating us, we can still communicate. Technology blows my mind!

And finally, we had a little Christmas party with the missionaries in Trondheim and the Kristiansund Elders. Twas a joyful and joke-filled day! We had a talent show and wow we have some super cool talents! Sister Heywood and I did a parody of "In Summer" called "In Alesund" and just because you are awesome people, here are the words:

Tourists come, I can't believe where they come from,"Snakker du Norsk? English? Ummmm..." In Alesund.
Some cards in my hand, Books of Mormon from every land, probably getting appointments planned in Alesund!
Finally see the northern lights light up the winter sky, the alarm goes off, it was just a dream so then we cry,
But we can't wait to see, what today's gonna bring, just imagine the miracles that we're gonna see in Alesund!
The "ja"s and the "nei"s are both so intense, put them together it just.... wait what?
(more scatting)
Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle, but us på gaten and we'll be - "nei takk".... Happy missionaries!!
When life gets rough we get a kebab from the stand, remembering that joy and trials go hand in hand!
Cause the font will be blue, I guess the fjord works too, when we get up and do, what good sisters do in Alesund!
"You're getting transfered" "Don't you dare!"
In Alesuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuund!!

.... Yup.

For a super short spiritual thought, this Christmas I was blessed with many service opportunities, both planned and unexpected. Even though Christmas this year was spent mainly with strangers, I was able to strengthen the personal knowledge I have that we are all children of God who may be fixer uppers but are all spectacular.

Love you all and we'll be talking in 2015!

Take care,
Sister Buhler

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