Monday, September 15, 2014

Miracles Happen! (A lot more than once in awhile because you believe)

Hey everyone!
Where on earth do I even begin? This week just has been INCREDIBLE. Why you ask? Because faith is a principle of action that is SO REAL. Here, I've got a few stories to share:
Hightlights of the week:
- Teaching on doorsteps in downpouring rain.
- Sara: The almost new investigator.
- Elisabeth is such a trooper and Marcel is keeping up his progress!
** Extra: A little summary of my new companion SIster Chapman (forgot to include this last week)

Last Monday was raining like cats and dogs (no, cats and dogs did not fall out of the sky. Although I did see more of them on the street then usual...)! Not sure if I have already said this BUT I love going banking (sorry, tracting) in the rain! I just feel like a champion and people take you more seriously because they ask, "What on earth are you doing out in the rain?" Then... you know, we talk about the gospel. We met this one lady named Nina. We talked about families and pretty much the entire first lesson. You could see that Nina felt the Spirit at the beginning but then that stupid Satan guy comes in and tells her, "You already have your faith" and she wouldn't let us come back. But we ended up teaching her at the door in the rain for twenty minutes. WE were pretty soked by this point and it was AWESOME.
Sara is a lady that I had met on the street and we were about to meet with her on Tuesday. She's from the Middle East and has seen terrible things in her life. Has a muslim background but wants to learn more about Christ. We had a great discussion about Christ and His atonement. She commited to read the Book of Mormon and pray to ask if Christ is her Savior. SHe had an appointment on Friday but had to cancel due to work which is why she technically doesn't count as a new investigator, but we'll meet with her som snart som mulig!
So Elisabeth, I just love her! We met with her on Tuesday and she was so heartbroken. Lots of hard things hit her at once and she was just confused how good things were going then suddenly it falling apart. We had a powerful talk about Satan and talked about Joseph Smith in the Liberty Jail. We reminded her of her faith in Christ that has helped her made it this far and that's how she'll keep on going forward. Afterwards Elisabeth felt much better and was smiling again. She really is so strong and has incredible faith!
Marcel got a baptismal date for Oktober 30th! We went through the restoration to check his testimony with Joseph Smith. WE asked if he would ask about the first vision and Marcel's like, "I don't need to pray. I've been having dreams and already know it's true." Sayeth whaaat? He's awesome! On Sunday after church he commited to keep the Sabbath Day holy and to read and pray everyday. He's a boss!
Now it's time for Miracle sunday:
SO it comes to 6pm on Sunday night and we did not have any new investigators. We had planned to get four for the week. Right before we went back out, we said a prayer asking for the faith to be bold in order to get these four new investigators we needed. Then we're up and out the door. 
While we're waiting to catch a bus, we split off to talk with people and get some teaches. Sister Chapman goes and talks with Tony from Albania and he becomes a new investigator! I go to talk with Karim from Gambia, teach him about Christ and His Atonement, then Karim's friend Piram comes up, I teach both of them about Prophets and dispensations, say a short prayer, and got a return apointment for Sunday. We got 3 new investigators in just 15 minutes!!! On the bus to our less-active appointment, Sister Chapman teaches Huy from the Philipinnes and I get an appointment with this cool guy named David. On the bus back home, Sister Chapman teaches Sriyma and she becomes a new investigator! 
PHEW! In the space of of two hours we got: four teaches, two referrals (one receieved, one contacted), four new investigators, and one less active visit. HOLY GUACAMOLE! I was so exhausted by the end of the night but at the same time felt like I was flying with joy. BEST. FEELING. EVER.
This is truly the Lord's work and we are the instruments that the Lord works through. Miracles really do happen when you believe they can happen. Faith, trust, and pixie dust (that last one can represent the Holy Ghost :D)!!
And a little information about the new companion: Sister Sierra Chapman!
Grew up in Alaska (same area where the movie "The Proposal" was filmed!) and her family currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Has four siblings (two brothers and two sisters), and is the third oldest. She went to BYU-I for a semester studying photography and she loves to sing. She actually wrote, produced, and sold a CD before her mission! How awesome is that??
Phew! Well.... as Porky Pig would say, "Abedeeabedeabede that's all folks!"
Have a fantastic week, love you all, and remember: play, laugh, grow!
Søster Buhler

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