Monday, September 1, 2014


I am a bit shorter on time today due to some prepping that needs to be done for this week. Here are the highlights of the week:

-Transfers: I'm getting a new companion
- Make it rain: Most referrals I've ever gotten in one week!
- Progressors: Ivan, Marcel, and Elizabeth
- Stake Conference AND Missionary conference this Sunday with special guest: Elder David A. Bednar

Yesterday I learned that Sister Olsen will be leaving me to move to Skien and I will be with Sister Chapman. She was my Sister Training Leader when I was in Trondheim so I've been on splits with her! She's a sweetheart and I'm excited to be working with her. It's sad to say goodbye to my companions because we share so many great memories together. But it's never goodbye, only "see you later!"

So on Wednesday we're coming back from an appointment when we see Joseph, one of our potentials with three of his friends: Ricardo, Sophie, and Awa. We ended up teaching them about faith and how we help people to develop faith in Christ and come closer to them. After we said a prayer together, they each thanked us for ending their day on such a great note because they had a terrible day. 
Then on Sunday, Marcel comes to church and he brought two friends, Christian and Oliver. Marcel said he talked about us to these friends and they wanted to talk to us as well! HOW AWESOME IS THAT! We've got appointments set up with them this week and I'm stoked to teach them!

Ivan is just incredible. He takes notes during our lessons and is such a powerful example about faith - he ACTS. He's like a modern day Nephi. We went over the Restoration and prophets this week and his eyes just glow with excitement! I just love this man!
Marcel is doing great. He loves coming to church and he's praying about a baptismal date! The sad bit is that he'll be moving the Italy in three weeks, but he will be a great addition to whichever ward he moves into.
And Elizabeth, oh how I just love her so much. She shared with us how she's been praying and getting answers to her prayers this past week and it's awesome! Today we actually talked about the Gift of the Holy Ghost and she really is excited to receive it. And the ward just loves her! So great! Not sure if I have already mentioned this but her baptismal date got moved to Oktober 25th due to things that came up on the 27th. I'm hoping and praying that it will not get pushed back any further!!

AND FINALLY Stake Conference. So Elder David A. Bednar will be coming to speak to the Norway members this sunday and then afterwards the missionaries have a three hour conference with him. Not going to lie, I'M STOKED. Elder Bednar is my personal favorite and it is such an incredible opportunity to hear from one of Christ's living apostles today.

Short spiritual thought: An invitation to read the Bible Dictionary entry of "Faith" and then find one way to start applying something you read. It's a powerful entry. Read it. Learn it. Live it. 

Have a wonderful week packed with awesome!

Lots of love, 
Søster Buhler 

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