Monday, April 14, 2014


Howdy y'all!

Whoa. Where did that come from? That was probably me just missing that accent... Moving on now.

This week.... has been pretty calm. Our district has set a goal of finding 33 new investigators together by this Sunday. I believe we are up to 9 since Saturday. Sister Hornback and I have been spending a WHOLE lot of time focusing on finding new investigators last week and... we didn't find any. BUT we've found a ridiculous amount of potentials that actually planned an appointment with us for THIS week. Hence the title of this blog post, I'm highly curious, antsy, excited, nervous, and just pumped to see what happens this week. 

Tuesday we had some students from a high school come for a tour of the church building. As a presentation, we taught the restoration to explain what it is we believe in. Right after, we had a Q&A session and the students were pretty involved. After that, we refreshments and half of the students ended up taking Books of Mormons! Cool beans right?!

Thursday all of the sisters (Sister Shaw, Sister Angerhofer, Sister Hornback, and I) went out to Peppes Pizza for lunch to celebrate! Sister Shaw hit her year mark, Sister Angerhofer and Sister Hornback hit their halfway mark, and...... wait for it....... I have hit my six months mark! Crazy right?? So that was a fun outing.

Saturday Trondheim ward had their first Easter Concert. An hour before the concert, we all went out to invite EVERYONE to come. I was the sign twirler. It was so fun! I actually got lots of thumbs up and waves from the people driving by and people of the bus! It was funny because later on in the day, I saw some of those same people and they did a double take when they saw me. Oh the simple joys, they're the best :)

Many of our investigators are traveling this week for Påske Ferie (Easter vacation). But we were able to meet with Johny/Jonny. We went over the plan of salvation which he really liked. He's just skeptical about Joseph Smith really being a prophet, but he knows that the only way he'll find out is to read the Book of Mormon, pray about it, and keep meeting with us. I can just see how much potential he has and it just blows my mind!

Our newest investigator, Omar, is doing really well. Our first meeting was just learning about his religious beliefs. He said he was atheist, but he actually does believe in God. He just says he's atheist because he doesn't have any religious traditions that he does. He's incredibly positive and we went over the Book of Mormon which he's actually excited to begin reading in. More on this as it develops. Now to Sister Buhler for the spiritual thought - 

Thank you Sister Buhler. For the spiritual thought this week it will actually have two parts from this time forth - The scripture thought and a thought from Preach My Gospel. Elder Ballard gave every member the invitation to study from Preach my Gospel (PMG) and to share with missionaries what they learn. I've decided to accept and try this invitation. So here we go!

Scripture thought: 1 Nephi 3. Nephi is an incredible example of faith. This was something that I just seemed to have missed before: After Laman comes back from being nearly killed by Laban, "we were exceedingly sorrowful (verse 14." Every brother, INCLUDING Nephi was discouraged when the first attempt failed. BUT right in the next verse Nephi tells his brothers, "we will not return to our father... until we have accomplished the thing which the Lord hath commanded us." That is what makes Nephi such a powerful example. He knows there is always a way with the Lord. No matter how many times he gets pushed down, he still gets back up.

PMG Thought: From Chapter 2 "Effective Study" - Studying is simply an act of faith. We start with a desire to know something and then we take action by SEEKING after it. Faith is only belief if you don't act on that belief. 

So for those who have a PMG, read it. Study it. Treasure it. For those who don't have a physical copy, there's a PDF on and do the same - read, study, treasure. I'd love to hear what you all learn!

Take care and have a wonderful week!

Søster Buhler

1) Eating Smoked Salmon pizza! Surprisingly delicious
2) Sister Hornback (my companion) displaying the pizza cutting tool of Norwegians
3) Selfie! Sister Shaw, me, Sister Angerhorfer, and Sister Hornback

1) This was a sign I painted for a easter concert we had! You can't see it well but we got drenched from tracting for three hours in the rain! Woo!
2) Finally the moment you've been waiting for, me and my new companion Sister Hornback

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