Monday, March 31, 2014

First Full Week in Trondheim

Like the title says, I just spent my first full week here in beautiful Trondheim and am loving it! I can see why people call this area the "Promised land for contacting." I'm shocked everytime I get an appointment right on the street!

One cool story that happened on Tuesday. We had an appointment in a shopping mall, but we were kebabed (meaning the person was a no-show). As we were walking back to the church, we stopped a man named Johannes. He agreed to meet with us later that same day! He was impressed that we love our belief so much and he wanted to learn how he could learn to love God and Jesus Christ as much as we do. He was so excited when we told him he can do that by reading and praying about the Book of Mormon! He's one fantastic person!

Another quick story: On Friday we went to try a try-back. On our way there, we missed our bus stop somehow and ended up at the end of the bus line. What was meant to be a 10 minute journey to the house turned into a 3 hour adventure. When we finally found the try-back's street, we met a man named Johny whose Christian. He asked a lot of good questions about what happens after this life and also about the Book of Mormon. He exchange our numbers and got an appointment with him on Saturday. When we taught him, he really lightened up as the Spirit was teaching Him that what the Book of Mormon really was. We got another appointment with him for tomorrow!

It's just really cool that these two days we had planned to teach adn new investigators and we ended up doing that, but not in the way we had originally planned! Also, maybe this is the time for all the Johns to become interested in investigating in the Chruch! Who knows!

Anyways, on Thursday we had a zone conference. I got to see my MTC companion Søster Campbell!! Oh boy that was a joyful reunion! I also got to see Eldste Garrard from my early Romerike days! Plus it was really wonderful to meet more of the fellow missionaries serving in the North. This zone conference focused on what we can do to help the members trust us so we can help get the member missionary work going. The one major thing I got out of conference was the importance of Charity. When we have that deep love for others, it gives us that strong drive to do all we can to help them. We lose ourselves in doing service and also find ourselves there.

Which leads me to my little spiritual thought: Service. Many of us enjoy being able to do service for others because we understand when we serve others we serve God (Mosiah 2:17). But one big act of service that we often forget is ASKING for service. People tend to believe that if you have to ask others for help that means you are weak. That's not true at all. When you ask others for service, you are being smart. We all depend on each other to live! This has been something I have personally struggled with. I didn't like asking for help because I didn't want to be a burden to others. When I started opening myself up and aksing members here for help with Norwegian, they were all so excited to help me out! That's how people are - they're eager to help others but they need the opportunities to do so. So this week I would like to challenge everyone to ask for some kind of service. Do service by asking others for service.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and thank you for being your fantastic selves!

Take care,
Søster Buhler

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