Monday, January 12, 2015

New Dawn, New Day, New Light!

Hei alle sammen!!

It's been a wonderful solid week of seeing the work continue to move forward! Sad to say goodbye to Søster Heywood but I am still incredibly grateful for the time we could serve together here in Ålesund :) ANYHOO, before I start teary up I'll share what happened this week!

-Got to be a tourist last Pday!
-Met with Per Magner, a former investigator
-Distict Meeting in Molde!
-Taught Uncle Martin!
-Last minute hurdles for church...
-Power of Unity with church leaders
-Companion 411: Søster Haylee Neilson!
-Spiritual Thought: Power of Light

Really random, but since it was Søster Heywood's last Pday, she wanted to be a tourist and hit all the tourist attractions. One of them was this lookout point called Aksla which was awesome!

We got in contac with Per Magner after going through our areabook. He is really intrigued finding out how religion and science are actually very much connected. Super cool right?? It was a unique lesson that I really don't know how to explain... Just that the Spirit was strongly present helping to guide what we should say in order to actually let Per Magner be taught by the spirit. He commited to read several chapters in the Book of Mormon and we're meeting with him again this week!

 Had our monthly district meeting in Molde and it was fun to meet the brand new elder, Eldste Rui! He's from Norway and will actually be here for training and then go out to serve in the Provo Utah Mission! We had a great meeting about the importance of Church and brainstorming together how we can help our investigators/less actives come to church.

We were able to meet up with Uncle Martin (not his real name, just the nickname we call him) and have a powerful lesson about the restoration. He's heard a lot about Joseph Smith from his family that are members and on the internet which he brought up, but he sincerely wanted to know truth from myth. It was so great to see him feeling the Spirit and realizing truth. I love missionary work! 

So on Sunday morning, we were blessed with some last minute service opportunities in church: Give a talk, sing a musical number, and teach the sunday school lesson. It was a bit hectic BUT where there's a will, there's a way! And praises unto the Lord, we found a way to get all those things accomplished! We ended up teaching about service and big or small, there are unforgettable. We sang "We'll Bring the World His Truth" på Norsk, and Søster Neilson gave a wonderful talk about the Book of Mormon!

After church, the branch president (Fred Olsen) and relief society president (Åse Marie Nedregård) came with us to visit a less active named Winnie. We visited her earlier in the week and she asked us to help her to recieve a blessing. She was able to not only receive a beautiful blessing but also a kjempe koslelig visit from her branch leaders. It felt incredible to feel how much love was in Winnie's home at that moment!

Companion 411: Søster Haylee Neilson!!
Been out on her mission for 4 months now and just finsihed her training! So in other words, I'm her mission papa! :D
Born and raised in California! Has 3 siblings (Older brother, Zach, an older sister, Aubrey, and a younger brother, Jared AKA Bear) and she's Swedish!! She LOVES Disneyland (Disney true love anyone? Yup!), going scuba diving, saw snow for the first time two weeks ago, loves Mexican food, and she's a wannabe Polynesian! :) We've already hitted it off (the Disney love connection was a HUGE part of it) and I am excited to get to know her better!

And for the Spiritual thought, I'm actually running out of time, but this one is brought to you by one of our FANTASTIC new converts: Isaiah 60:1-3. A few words with that: Never forget the light that is inside of you because "what's inside you is stronger than any spell."

Have a wonderful week and take care all you fantastic people!! :)

Søster Buhler

1. Christmas Gazebo!
2. Søster Heywood and I at midnight on New year's!
3. The beautiful sunrise of 2015

1. View from Askla!
2. Askla selfie!
3. Last time with Søster Heywood (på vei to the airport)

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